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Calculate your levy

Use these ACC levy calculators to calculate your levies.
Unless you’ve applied for one of ACC’s optional cover products, you’ll be on the standard Cover Plus.

ACC CoverPlus is ACC’s standard personal injury cover if you’re self-employed or a contractor. It automatically applies when you start self-employment. It includes 24-hour no-fault cover for work-related and non-work related personal injuries, including access to the full range of medical treatment and rehabilitation benefits and up to 80% compensation for lost earnings.

Workplace Cover – payable by employers and shareholder-employers. Workplace cover is automatically assigned and will provide funds to pay for employees medical care and up to 80% of their salary if injured at work.

ACC CoverPlus Extra is the tailored ACC cover for self-employed people and non-PAYE shareholder-employees. It is a flexible alternative to ACC CoverPlus, which enables you to negotiate your level of lost earnings cover (subject to ACC underwriting). That way, you know exactly what you’ll receive if you’re injured and can’t work – and it doesn’t matter whether the injury is work-related.

Accredited Employers Programme – this is an optional product which you need to apply for. It basically means that you are the one responsible for managing injuries and claims employees make if injured at work. This can save you up to 90% off your work levy.

The ACC Alternative

The ACC Alternative is a smart way of protecting your income – unlike ACC, it covers you for accidents and illnesses. In most cases, you’ll get three times the cover for around the same cost as your standard self-employed accident-only ACC cover.

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