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There are many risks you face during your lifetime, but the most serious ones you will face are death, disability, serious illness and/or medical intervention (surgery). These can happen at any time, and when it does, it can be a difficult and traumatic time for everyone. The last thing you want to worry about is money.


When you get sick are you prepared to join the public hospital waiting list or could you afford to pay for private treatment?

Protecting your income

If you had an accident or became ill, and were unable to work, would you still have the income you and your family need?

Permanent Disability

How would your family or your business cope if you were permanently disabled? Do you have a plan to provide for them?

Though not a pleasant thought, it’s important to think about this: when you die, how will those left behind manage financially?

Protecting your mortgage 

If you had an accident or became ill, and were unable to work, would you still be able to meet mortgage repayments?

Trauma/Serious Illness

How would you and your family cope if you a serious accident or suffered a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or a stroke?


When you own a business, part of your risk management strategy is looking at the hard

“what if” scenarios.

Protecting your Key People

If you or a key person in your business were to be suddenly taken ill or has a serious accident, what financial impact would that have one your business?

Protecting against any Business Debt

If you have you signed any personal guarantees for any business debt or business loans loan, and have you protected your assets should a worst-case scenario happen?

Protecting the Shareholders

Have you protected the interests and investment of the stakeholders in your business against a worst-case scenario?

Keeping the Business Running

If you were suddenly taken ill or had a serious accident, and were unable to work would your business expenses such as the lease, electricity and salaries still need to be paid?



Farmers have a unique work environment and, therefore, need a unique form of insurance. As a farmer, you know how unpredictable life can be, and it’s not just the elements you have to worry about


Keeping the Farm Running

If you were unable to take care of the farm due to illness or injury, will the financial needs of you and your farm be met?

Planning for the Future

Farms are often a generational legacy where the parents build up a generational asset through the ‘family farm’. In many cases, some or all of the children grow up and work on the farm with the view of taking over or inheriting the farm when the parents retire or pass away


KiwiSaver was set up to help New Zealanders for their retirement. It is a long-term investment saving account, designed to give your money time to grow. It can also assist with the purchase of a first home. Whether you are saving for retirement or planning to purchase your first home, it’s critical that the KiwiSaver Fund you have chosen is working for you.

Planning for your retirement?

KiwiSaver is an excellent vehicle to help you to prepare, financially, for retirement. Given that you could live 20 to 30 years of your life in retirement, it’s important that you choose the right KiwiSaver fund for your circumstances and risk profile.

Planning for your First Home

If you’re a KiwiSaver member, buying your first home could be made easier by being able to access two KiwiSaver initiatives, the ‘first-home withdrawal’ and/or the Government-funded ‘the first-home grant’.


Lifetime SMT & AMP NZRT

The Superannuation Master Trust (SMT) is a Superannuation product that was previously managed by AMP Investments, but as of February 2023, management has moved to Lifetime Asset Management Ltd. We (Adelphi) are the servicing advisers for a large base of SMT clients, and if you believe you are one of these clients, please click on the link below for further information so that we can get in touch and ensure your funds are invested appropriately and effectively.


AMP NZRT (New Zealand Retirement Trust) will remain invested with AMP Investments and offers a retirement scheme with different rules depending on how your employer established it with you.


Adelphi is responsible for servicing a large base of clients within the Lifetime SMT and a small base within AMP's NZRT, and offers advice on what type of fund might suit individual circumstances the best.

Clients can contact Andrew Wilkinson for advice.


ACC was established in New Zealand in 1974 and provides 24-hour no-fault cover for work-related andnon-work related personal injuries, including access to a range of medical treatment, rehabilitation benefits and up to 80% of a person’s current weekly earnings if they are off work for more than one week while recovering from injury or an accident.


The ACC Alternative

The ACC Alternative is a smart way of protecting your income – unlike ACC, it covers you for accidents and illnesses. In most cases, you’ll get three times the cover for around the same cost as your standard self-employed accident-only ACC cover.

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