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  • Nicole Mathewson

Family takes on four more children after their mum dies of cancer

A Christchurch family have vowed to ensure their late friend’s four children “know nothing but love”, after she died of cancer soon after moving south for a new life.

The Walker family – Justin, Yllana​ (known as Lana​) and Destiny​ – are now a family of seven after their friend Miriama Puhia​ died from liver cancer last month at the age of 32. Her cancer was caused by neurofibromatosis – a genetic disorder that can cause tumours (which can become cancerous) to grow on nerve endings in the body.

The families had been inseparable since Lana Walker and Puhia met at a mutual friend’s home in Hawke’s Bay about 15 years ago.

“They instantly clicked ... they were soulmates,” Justin Walker said.

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